One hundred and forty characters may not seem like much to work with. That’s what you get per tweet on Twitter.

The social networking site is all about spur-of-the-moment thoughts and short, spontaneous comments.

But marketers, politicians, publicists, celebrities, fundraisers and a host of other creative types have found ways to use 140 characters effectively to generate buzz about products, people or events; to promote ideas and sway public opinion; to gain global attention for their causes; and to build credibility and influence.

No matter how small your business or how limited your marketing budget, you can use Twitter to make connections and to engage in conversations with prospects, customers, peers and others.

The following are some tips for using Twitter as a promotional tool:

  • Monitor your company and brand on Twitter. Know who’s talking about you and what they’re saying. Twitter has a search engine to help you do this.
  • Connect with influencers such as media types, bloggers and well-known individuals.
  • Contribute to conversations about issues and trends in your industry.
  • Use Twitter to launch promotions and announce special sales.
  • Send out frequent updates about your company’s activities and events.
  • Generate news about your people, your brand and your products.
  • Create a buzz around new technologies, cool products, innovative methods and other breakthroughs.

If you participate in or hold events such as trade shows, conventions or training sessions, use Twitter to invite people and to announce last-minute changes, updates and reviews.


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