Responsive Website Design and Management

There are more ways to visit a website today than ever before.  If you’re not responsive, then you are out of date. You must be mobile, tablet and multi-browser friendly or you may well miss out on prospective customers.

A large screen display can get a site design with several columns of content whereas a smaller screen will get the same content accessible in a single column with text and links that are fittingly sized to be read and used on that smaller display.

Responsive web design allows a site’s layout to alter as the screen size being used to view that site changes depending on which device is being used.

You need one website that seamlessly integrates across all platforms. Not only are you with your customers no matter their device but this also greatly improves search engine ranking.

Denise Williams Customer Service Consultant

Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences

We built Denise a one page website to fit her current needs with the option to expand in the future.

Telephone: 902.237.7715 Email:

L.M. Uniforme

Alain’s e-commerce website needed a fresh look. Sales Rep: Alain Bossé Cell: (506) 381-2512 • Fax: (506) 860-7850

Ask Brenda K

Brenda K wanted a lead generation and real estate question and answer website.


We created a one page business landing page.

C & S Kitchens

We made Ron a full size website for his kitchen cabinet business.

Brenda K the REAL Estate Way

Brenda K needed to bring her website in to the 21st century and that is what we did for her!